Practicing psychology for forty years has been an amazing, transforming and enormously enriching experience.  The people with whom I have worked taught and enlightened me. 

My experiences have ranged from assessing children and adults, consulting with families  and  with schools' faculties  in both normal and special education settings to utilizing psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral tools in psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults.  I have had the opportunity to develop a specialty in working with gifted children as well as with families of gifted children—including admissions testing and ongoing consultation with families about developmental, social/emotional and family dynamic issues.  In addition, I have helped develop assessments of children to determine best fits with various educational settings.  

Before beginning practice in New York City in 1986, I served as a school psychologist in Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. I also served as an appointed liaison between school districts and social service agencies in Connecticut and New York. 

Had the great good fortune to be educated at Columbia University and Teachers College in educational, school and behavioral psychology. Additional training has been gained from perspectives offered in psychoanalysis, family therapy, hypnosis, visualization techniques, performance and sports psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation.